The following journals were kind enough to publish these poems:

The Antigonish Review 136, Winter 2004: “What There Was,” “Those Who Have Stopped Walking Around” (with the Spanish-language originals).

Artful Dodge 44/45, 2004: “The Noticeboard,” “Lines,” “Knocking at the Doors of Heaven,” “Qualities of Winter,” “The Structure of Houses,” “Apertures.”

Chelsea 74, Summer 2003: “Your Inept Mouth,” “Dragons,” “God's Eyes,” “Make-Up.”

Event 33:2, Fall/Winter 2004: “Five O'Clock Tea.”

Perihelion iii:9, 2004: “Sorrow,” “Risks,” “Weavings,” “Utter Silence.”

The Saint Ann’s Review 4:2, Summer/Fall 2003: “The Puppet,” “Little Fire” (with the Spanish-language originals).

Stand 5:3, 2004: “Certain Inheritances” (with the Spanish-language original).

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