Keening with an A

Keening with an a was what he did intuitively to the point that inhibition had a transfer in its hand that pickled inclination (some of me). Least sum of squares perfuncts its way into a shadow's crash part. Ask for authenticity. Be granted bag of rocks. Humidity comes closest in the weather realm to lust. Don't hold against me my affordable young midline. I suppose you'd call this leafless wilderness my middle age. Possession is a fraction I can't quite remember. Passion's do-able. Who names this software (Quark). Words such as evidence tone down my feeling. So neglect resides against some slivers coarsening the green enamel of a park bench. I like to be outside but not without my shirt. We are quite spoiled in the Southwest where if you happen to adore the heat there's no such thing as punishment.

Canary flesh, rose zones, parchment drying on the midline

Sheila E. Murphy | The Ralph in Each of Us
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