The Ralph in Each of Us

Warmups welcome the plate glass of me known as intensity in our relationship. I do combouts but not for free. Settle for guest bed analysis free-thrown in dragnet moss. I promise not to use the word weave. If you'll equally deliver curves in firm grasp of the city (morph and kiss). I'm using words that do not patronize. Rubricity comes closest to salvation in the whittled hills. Dance rubber bands back into habitats. The Ralph in each of us is evidenced by touch ups the photographer forgot. Ralphette. Ralphine. How predisposed need we be to mandatory gender floss to twiddle the expected pink or blue dichotomy before the faces of the lambs wearing merely curtains it is said that God assigned. Yea verily the silver comes to blest things: semitect, adroitness, loam, and threnody.

Cause control, perfunctorily arranging things taken for granted, flows with energy all through them

Sheila E. Murphy | Gravestones
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