98   Henry's Fake Book (out-takes)

                           ...my one and only love.

Every thought of you     the veritable heart shakes
Soar, &     showers my paired dice high--O hell it's low--
But then I'll take a chance & say     goodby's     hel-lo...
Pennies from heaven--     but my love's     a
Wormsdens-war-da-cross-stickum-bro-ella thing-
SKing's Queen's to Jack's     son's brothersome, blac-
Khole in won-der!     [o.k.! now--try it to sing!]

Dawn shadows fall     & spread their misty day,     a-
Carolling     sweet red & blue,     & gre-en matchsticks, too--
Her you & me--I am in love     with you     this     way way way
                            way way way way...
               [read down/up 3 bars]
Jaybirds & larks & stars     might sing a ding-a
Ling ling ling     but still my     aching heart
Tacks o-ver & sails     in lo-ve     with you-hoo!
Fly     [G cleft--no H note] [time to play up]
        were you in my arms...

Henry Gould | Island Road 99
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