99   from H.Q.   Re: Final Report

    Glancing over her sunlit shoulder, Dr. Louise Chan U.N. Littletree (the arch-geologist) virtually blinked a moment in astonishment when she noticed--lying in an anomalous, undistinguished corner of the Soberlost Dig Project potshed--a small sherd of blacquered Arpeggian cupware, datable not earlier than circa 1386 B.C.E. [...] "Whoa!" she shouted, just as Melrose the mule was about to pulverize the precious relic with his iron-shod left back toe. Melrose, fortunately, desisted--and as a result, we have the following inscription (transfigured into angles by Prof. Wedgeworth Crease):

[...] gold &     yellow-black-leaved     book of spinning
Jenny Double-essencell-El Chris O'Ferrous Balm
shelled giddy hailstorms     up & down my waning
spine, Doc!--     Out of my hands--     My diving poem,

that is! That is! That is! That is! That is!
& though this whorl street constellation's     programmed
darkening green day, one's quantum foam     begins to fizz

new yolks! &     Petrograduate     I'll cease my roaming
since the aspiring baker-bacon is     already hamming-jammimg
&     to Seedling City     (all-wise node)     some
    dumbig     polarbunionbrain     Nord
                            Easter is coming [...]

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