86   His Veteran Hardtack

I was headstoned--unnoticed bit o'mortuary.
Some summer's bored Morton, gloomed in the den--
unfired. Unlocked the safety--vault--it was scary!
Unperfect sage launched by bent bluesmen

into a dishrag black abyss.     Barely,
I say, W.     Uneven S.     Sideways,
sidewinded     lolling     April     cot     untimely
wild     unkelsoned, intecinerated...     haze

princess!     Dark winding of your spring-
fed compost revolved a stuffed fella
my way--a secret truant, or sting-
adhesive band-aid chorister whose A

preceded the sea--with insufficiency! My
heart to sway--say--quick--link onto the lee!

Henry Gould | Island Road 87
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