Where Mudlark is... and how to subscribe to it:

MUDLARK will issue itself when it is ready to do so, frequently but irregularly. It is freely available in several formats at different addresses:


MUDLARK news, including coming attractions and the release of new issues, posters, and flashes is available by e-mail. Add your name to the MUDLARK list by sending e-mail to mudlark@unf.edu.

World Wide Web

MUDLARK is available here on the World Wide Web at three different URLs. Its home is at the University of North Florida: http://www.unf.edu/mudlark. It is fully mirrored at Web del Sol: http://webdelsol.com/mudlark. And it is archived at The Etext Archives: http://www.etext.org.


William Slaughter, Editor
Department of English
University of North Florida
Jacksonville, Florida 32224-2645