Mudlark Poster No. 42 (2002)

Alexandra Yurkovsky


Alphabetical Alterations

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Altered black cat directs every fiasco. Glossy. Healthy innards. Jailbirds ken liabilities. Muttering nocturnally, ornate pelicans querulously rant. Standing tall under verandahed, whitewashed xebecs: youthful zebras.

Ageless but craven doges enter frays. Gormless. Horribly inarticulate. Joyless kin loll. Molten needles of panic quell revolutions. Stuff them up vests woven xanthically. Yurt zone.

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Authors bandy carnal diatribes, ebullient fantasies. Gravy. Hiccoughing instantly. Jocund kernels linger. Modest napkins overlay palimpsests. Quivering roses stimulate trysting. Uvular verse wreaks Xanthippic yelling: zesty.

Asian beatitudes call. Dichotomies elicit fury, germinate heady insanity. Jaded koan lunacies motivate novices. Obvious portal. Quest refugees simmer tautologies. Unlovable verities wither xeroxed yens. Zennish.

Antiquated bridesmaids cry despite euphoria; fauns grin. Humility infiltrates jesuitical kennels, luring maniacal nuns. Opulent productions. Quixotically rabid stagehands tease us volitionally. Worrisome xanthomas yoke zoomorphs.

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Angels bugle carpe diems. Echoes funnel ghostly hymns into jeremiads. Killjoy laments. Melodically null oratorio performances quadrophonically resound. Scores thoroughly unperformable venerate western xoanons. Yesterday’s zithers.

Amnesia bungles catastrophes. Deceived executors flee. Gothic holocausts inter janitors, kneeling listlessly. Meticulous nonagenarians overwhelm paranoid quacks, resolutely scared. Time upholds virtual weathered xystuses, yawning zodiacs.

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Addled birches cower. Dusty eremites flay grotty hemlocks. Isolated judges kiss limburger militants. Noisome offense. Poor quality resin striates tubular urns. Vanity wilts. Xerophilous yucca, zucchinied.

Anthracite burns. Chemical denial exacerbates fuel giddiness. Hovering isinglass jets keel luminously. Monoxide nihilism obnoxiously permeates quagmires. Regulatory status: tragically unclean. Visibly wrinkled: x-chromosomes. Yogic zinfandel.

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Animus baggage collapses dowries. Evangelical fucking grieves heavenly intellectuals. Judgmental kingdoms levitate mental narcissists. ‘Only prey,’ quip resonant seraphim. The unleashed vowels wreathe Xmas. Yule zeal.

Atrophied brains coalesce diaphanous electricity. Fate grotesquely harangues infant jugglers, knocking loose marbles, noisily. Ovoid pandemonium. Quisling robots simulate torrential ugliness. View wangled x-rays. Ytterbium zippers.

Abominable beavers celebrate dervishly. Extremely fandango ’d. Gyrations heighten impeccable jabbering. Knees locked, mongooses nervously orchestrate possum quorums. Radical scientists trample utterly virtuous, well-carved xylographs. Yahoo zealotry.

A belching clown, dumbly enthusiastic. Funny guy. His id jokes, kidnapping levity. Malformed nerds order prosthetic quims, revealing sexiness. Too uterine. Valid when ‘xi’ yields ‘zed.’

Adamant barristers cancel daylight. Egotistic flaunting. Gamma-ray hubris irradiates jurors, knuckling louts moronically. No opposition. Professional quarrels relegate surgeons to undertakers. Vacuously wielding xysters, you zoom.

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Any bad crap does excellent, finally. Go. Hop innocently. Judiciously kill love. Many nights overbrained. Posit quizzical realities. Saxophonists teach ultimatums via word xylophones. Yummy zeros.

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