Mudlark No. 51 (2013)

Until Nothing is Foreign

After the thief, dark-skinned, blue-eyed
Abando, died, the break-ins continued. 

His sweetheart remembered him, his
ways, and this is about love. She burned

off padlocks, filling them with gasoline, 
setting them alight, so they burst open—

a story I tell you because I want
your attention. For you to come for dinner again. 

To stay as I lay silver in expected places
around the table. To keep listening until 

you think of one chair here as your own.
Then I’ll admit a softer truth: All she stole

was a jar of honey and—I can see, she wanted
to keep something close—my locket 
to hang around her neck. 

Rose McLarney | Bellyful Tales
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