Mudlark No. 40 (2010)

Measuring the Days
Poems by Michael Hettich


It was as if a window suddenly blew open
and the sky outside the mind came flooding in.
                       — Chase Twichell
Loving a Good Woman
The Votive Candle
The Small Birds
The Nest
Even Sleeping
Leap and Fall Away
Concrete and Mortar
This Burning
The Honey Bees
The Funeral
The Delicate Bones
Where I Don’t Live Now
The Burning Door, a poem in nine sections
Measuring the Days
The Leap
Like Hunger
The Stone Wall

Michael Hettich’s most recent books of poetry are Like Happiness (Anhinga Press, 2010) and Flock and Shadow: New and Selected Poems (New Rivers Press, 2005). He also has a recent chapbook, Many Loves (Yellow Jacket Press, 2007). Most of the poems in Measuring the Days are drawn from The Animals Beyond Us, a new collection of poems forthcoming from New Rivers Press. He lives in Miami with his wife, Colleen, and teaches at Miami Dade College.

Cover image by Colleen Hettich

“Some of the poems in Measuring the Days appeared in a pamphlet entitled More Than Gratitude published by Bob and Susan Arnold at their Longhouse Press in the back hills of southern Vermont. Many thanks to these good friends.” MH

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