Lynn Headley

Quexus Dreams Lark, acrylic on canvas

I became especially interested in art several years ago in a computer graphics class, where I started experimenting with website design. With an interest in color and design, I soon turned to painting and drawing. Common themes in my art are imaginary creatures and worlds, robots, and simple designs. Much of my art goes hand-in-hand with my writing, because I enjoy exploring both the visual and descriptive plains of my imagination. I have now incorporated all of my favorite art forms into one with a website,, featuring my computer graphic art, paintings, drawings, sewing projects, and writing.

Quexus Dreams Lark captures an image from a robotís dream. In the confusion of separating data from emotion, Quexus dreams about love surrounded by distractions.

Quexus Dreams Lark | Mudlark No. 26