Let there be cool linen
and lovers resting between sheets
humming a small heaven between them

Let there be a settlement of snow
long green veils of rain
and luminous squalors

Let the pulse beat within us
rich as salt, hot as sun
giving time its edge

Let us steep tansy, coriander
and cloves in wine
drinking deep its magic cures

Let us bring the knower to the known
for there are no second comings
and what waits is just a breath away


Let there be days soft and deceptive
the taste of water absolute
the inner sun absolute
and our awakening absolute

Let our life fly over fields
filled with radiance we almost touch
air we almost embrace
and moments of near fullness

We are one with the legendary shadows
smiling with apricot lips and vanilla voices
singing the sea’s high sound
in a rush of joy before dark

When the last feather of light floats down
on the ripening hours
the breath grows visible
dividing and dividing stillness

We recall fine tunings of sun
the moon’s ancestral silver
fugitive years and moments
nudging enchantment when we wore

the loose limbs of childhood
and watched endless springs and summers
steeped in the music
of long-traveling light

Ruth Daigon | Mudlark No. 25
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