“Invocation” can be found in Ruth Daigon's most recent book, HANDFULS OF TIME from Small Poetry Press, Select Poets Series, 2002, and “Priority Mail” in BETWEEN ONE FUTURE AND THE NEXT, a collection of her poems from Papier Mache Press, 1995. Other poems in TIME MEANS NOTHING AT ALL have been published in the following magazines: “In my Body of Skin” in Blue Fifth Review, 2001; “Bloodline” and “Mouthing Secrets” in Litob, 2003; “Night’s Other Country” in ELF, 1997; “Whiff of Chaos” in Small Spiral Notebook, 2003; “Stained Glass Cantata” in Three Candles, 2001; and “Repositioning the Mattress” in Zuzu’s Petals, 1997.

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