Eighth Note Tonic

            for Fred Anderson

on the sea bottom
scramble for coins

horn’s bell   what
this again?   more

epistemology than
synovial flick

trading the white buttons
the gold coins

it must what?   makes
music   barlight and

falls                         waiting
mask   coconut skins

rough   cymbal
later   the Rum Raisin

dismembered the senses
stir the pot

beat the drum
dance the moon

sea bottom where I
learned to hear

on the sea bottom
white buttons come off

all the senses
gone to hell

epistemology then
bell of myself and

eighth notes torn by art
take you razor

Bill Ockham   and go
throw the coins

drink the whiskey
dance the chair

across the floor                 falls
waiting     your hands hold

pepper skins and thumb saddle
falling off the sax

what dissolves?   horn
bell  string  stick   last

note   facile hamate
sea bottom light

Garin Cychol | Mudlark No. 23
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