Farmers and Merchants Bank

But that two-handed engine
at the door   “Everybody get down!”
four men in overalls   robbery
with a gun   Mr. Long and I
crossing the bridge at Chester
engine at the door   Elbert
Ikemire and Molly Clifton on the
floor   James Cogwell opens the
safe   just chump change
Robert Bunnell enters but that
two-handed engine at the door
shotgun in his side   “If
I were you, I’d—”   he drops
his money bag   down
to the water
down to the water
down to the water   down
to Martin Stephan’s Red Bud
grave and the Valley of Lost
Lutherans   Mr. Long and I   a tip?
Sheriff Speaks and that deputy
in hot pursuit west on the
Vandalia Road   what was in
the ditches?   if we had a radio
we could get that music from the
Aragon Ballroom but instead
that two-handed engine   in the
ditches beebalm and milkweed and
rattlesnake plantains   at the door
trespassed west of Altenburg Mr. Long
undrawered letters behind the
general store’s counter: Your father
& I don’t seem to understand you
  down the ravine   (a few
shots were fired)   that
two-handed engine at the door
one Louis Bangas of Chicago
hiding in some bushes   Why
have you done this?   Why this
need to get to Sacramento?   Isn’t
Frohna good enough for you?
two-handed?   one man recognized by
several Clay County residents as
Glenn Montgomery sent to the
state prison at Chester   every goddamned
May 17th in the hole

Garin Cychol | Mudlark No. 23
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