ANDREW SCHELLING, born 1953, grew up in New England. Early influences were the region's granite mountains and resurgent conifer forests, as well as Asian art collections seen in Cambridge and Boston. Moving west, he spent seventeen years in northern California. Wilderness explorations, companionship with urban-based poets of the San Francisco Bay Area, production of samizdat poetry journals, and travels through Europe, Asia and North America. Southeast Asian language study at The University of California, Berkeley, resulted in ongoing translation projects. In 1991 he moved to Boulder, Colorado, to join The Naropa Institute's faculty. He teaches poetry, Sanskrit and wilderness studies. E-mail:


Claw Moraine (1987)
Ktaadn's Lamp (1991)
Dropping the Bow: Poems from Ancient India (1991)
Moon Is A Piece of Tea (1993)
For Love of the Dark One: Songs of Mirabai (1993)
The India Book (1993)
Two Immortals (1994)
Old Growth: Poems & Notebooks 1986-1994 (1995)
Songs of the Sons & Daughters of Buddha
   (with Anne Waldman, 1996)
The Cane Groves of Narmada River (1998)
The Road to Ocosingo (1998)

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