12 August · Notes reclaimed from abandoned books

Among the Maya every individual carries an animal counterpart

    wayhel    or    chanul

"All harm occurring to the wayhel is experienced
by the human body. The death of the body
and that of its wayhel
are simultaneous."

    ua - y(a)

      "animal transformation"

in Yucatec, way means transform by enchantment
in other Mayan languages
    to sleep
      or dream

Peter Furst–
since Olmec civilization arose
pan-MesoAmerican belief
the shaman
    can assume the shape of a dangerous animal

        jaguar        coyote        ocelot        owl

In moments of rest they hear another voice, not the one that comes from above, but rather the one that comes with the wind from below, and is born in the heart of the indigenous people of the mountains, a voice that speaks of justice and liberty, a voice that speaks of socialism, a voice that speaks of hope... the only hope in this earthly world. And the very oldest among the old people in the villages tell of a man named Zapata who rose up for his own people and in a voice more like a song than a shout, said LAND AND LIBERTY!

                –Zapatista communiqué

Andrew Schelling | 2:00 p.m.
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