Not Just a Leaflet

Pressure need not be political. There's emotional; there's physical; there's even a projection of two of the three types proposed. He wanted the whole heart, not just a leaflet of the things believed. Parading represented one way of reporting to the council, "Here, and there are more of me." Collision coverage should not be confused with the inevitability of crash. "I'm in the market for your money. Tell me what I have to do to get it, short of an aggressive act." These were the very words that started what he thought to call a beautiful relationship. You can take riches, feathers, or serotonin reuptake inhibitors to help make lines touch. Matching's a sweet act. People calling dogs along the sidewalk. Using them as means less obvious for putting out their needs and lining up resources. My preferred solution to imbalance is to meet head-on the workpile. Nothing like an obligation to chase bread for clarifying raison d'etre. "So there," were his exact words. And I bought them.

Do you consider yourself radical, do you consider yourself sensitive, what label would you put on gender (yours) for purposes that we consider (ours)

Sheila E. Murphy | Encryption
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