Forming a Base

Any mediocrity went unnoticed prior to the setting-in of pushy volunteers who wanted something no one could afford to get or give. Motive candles muted pressure of the loaded words disintegrating under pinlights all donated for the cause. The creditors knew how to multiply more than the donors who possessed no names, no business cards, and no addresses. The only one who wore a watch spoke in blood-nasal voice. Unposted signs were all around despite the epidemic switching-off of intuition when there never was a greater need. The telephone rang homelessly until those needing crashed before the inner sancta that belonged to those skilled in scaling brick exteriors. Silence surrounded practice used to sharpen skills others would want. And there were prices to be handed down as evenly as a consideration that concerned inclusion. Results would always be originals having stiff penalties for copying, which in itself intensified the lust for generating multiples.

Who was not invited, far more interesting than who was, and the alliances

Sheila E. Murphy | Everyone Is Busy
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