A Range of Quiet

Preponder health so opusly there is a little pile of things to show. Listen then to steely birds name treatises and low plane moan to go with twists in sky and quiet. In this our neighborhood these squeaking things rehearse their own autonomy. The verbiage slides into home again, people remark on what eventually mattered. Osmosis is the major way of learning what is not worth learning anymore. A range of quiet stays the course. Ethereal when we blush names into another cortex in the hope of code's eventually blossoming into weather. If you land on this one concentration, maybe it will find inherent wings and you will own them and repair your life again. The miniature fragrance is the cool tan of the christened birds the opposite monotony when something has been memorized. Relax, retrace, forgive all sources and enjoy the derivations.

Branches for a reason, scope and sequence of the shoots, a clearing for the purpose of the sky

Sheila E. Murphy | Scorch
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