There Was a Silly Putty Look within Her Lazy Eye

Any time she was engaged in tasks, she failed to drag and click, as if to voice in screaming headline colors to the world this prime injustice. There was a silly putty look within her lazy eye when something was expected. She could exaggerate and make it seem as though something imbued with too high a cost of doing business were ever there. She was an expense. The folly of expecting yams from stone seeds frittered to the point where only lawsuits could provide. No one tuned sane would make requests of her. She stretched things, but she never stretched. Consider the delivery system of her world, entrenched as it continued as a mantra, laden with a corrugated plunge into the dimness that inhibited the safety. Pondered and then strained out of an unsafe situation. All despite the coating of an angel whitening her arms right where the wings would be.

Sequest-, request, behest, unblooming all unwanted

Sheila E. Murphy | Metonymy as Such(ness)
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