66   Pussycat's Daydream

The sun turned black, & day     was turned to night,
a hurricane     sank all the gondolas,
it rained     until it reached skyscraper height
& reeking wires     crosstown     blacked out, alas!

Three leopards--     Lust, & Jealousy, & Time--
were stalking down my     allegorical streets
when suddenly,     a windy coracle--lambs,
birds--climbed up,     as if propelled with     sweet

mouthfuls of air--&     dangled like a tent
above     spiracular ripples--     (one leaf, two
broke off)     an island     --shimmering, distant--
drifting in that haze...     & it was you,

Atlantis, rose--     full sail, a-whirl--green     Dipper!
--clinching New Time! (machinery     began to purr)...

Henry Gould | Island Road 67
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