There     in broken-hearted     sailors' heaven
a green star glimmers     out of death & life
arose, eros     crossroad     & sign of strife
uplifted toward eternity--     a stolen
eye     looks out for me:     my strictest
mistress:     cedar pole, sweet cinch
sky-borne:     clay heart's     arrest

& now rich Lazarus     before your bench
draws out the thorn--cannot resist
& flings it toward the deep     Atlantic trench--
London awaits     the prince will do his best
to steer his splinter coracle,     & stitch
his broken sword     into your burning nest



His broken sword into your burning nest
His ALMA     fractured     on the heavenly heights
his wheel set spinning in the slippery clay
his ark off-course     & sputtering in circles

his star gone down     his heaven out of sight
his name unknown--her name a roundelay
his reputation marked     & scandalous
his frame     disrobed:     unwelcome guest

begone into the night     that gave you birth
blend shadow now with shadow     palm to palm:
all goes to hell     & spirals upside down
& dances     mawkish clown     on frozen ground:
this frenzy     of the stateless pilot     calm
as death     that spice     of bitter mirth

Henry Gould | Island Road 43 and 44
Contents | Mudlark No. 6