The Uncertainty Principle

(Fragments from an Aesthetic Insurgency)

 Whereabouts is bunkum. Philatelists take 
up position behind the taco trucks and wait 
for the signal to strike. It’s been years now.
But they are patient and perfect for the job.

It appeared as if the saboteurs anticipated
the piano as five of our waiters were lost in 
a catastrophe of trees, a paltry stand, with
twisted stumps and an orange wisp of sod. 

The old theater groaned as it rose up from
its foundation on birdlike legs and teetered
out of town. Every Saturday was the same.
The steadfast fugue of its practiced retreat.

What the maps owned of us kept changing
so we unpuzzled the streets back into place.
Fog is a given. A shadow slides out of a slot
in the crosswalk only to be eaten by the air.   

Jeffrey Little | Karaoke Wasteland
Contents | Mudlark No. 77 (2024)