Mudlark No. 61 (2016)

Jesus said God

without Concepts. 

I said but 
what about metaphor, simile, analogy, coyotes
yipping at the moon in the water? 

Jesus said God without Concepts. 

I said Doctors without Borders, 
Dismissal without Prejudice, 
Bath Time without Tears. 

Jesus said The Rothko Chapel. Said, Song without Words. 

I said 
oh please you just broke your own rule. 

And, I said, instead of Rothko’s empty black and purple voids, 
how about Vierzehnheiligen in Bavaria? Those creamy ovals,
s-curves, rococo, stucco, volutes, shells, floating bows—
witty teasing elusive architecture even Robert Venturi liked—
look it up. 

Jesus said GOD WITHOUT—

but it was late and I had already hung anyway up on him. 

Patrick Donnelly | Jesus said Don’t
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