Mudlark No. 59 (2015)


Connection with her but you want to change her.
	Yeah, and you want to hold back so that —
You have to accept that each is who each is —
	OK but only at the risk of falling short —
But falling short of what? That’s my —
	You’re afraid to feel that separation.
If you accept it is it still a separation?
	Don’t play that game. It’s not a game, 
not to me. Look, what if you believe —
	If you believe. OK, if I believe I can heal 
somebody by pushing them into the pain 
	where they don’t want to go? Who are 
you talking about now, me or her?  I’m — 
	Who’s it really for? That question’s boring. 
That question is everything. You accept this person 
	and you want to change her but change her into what?
Herself. Into more completely herself. And what about
	you, you want to stand back separate and complain
about the separateness. The separateness is necessary.
	And anyway it’s not complaining if it’s true.
That can’t make any sense to you. Why’s it 
	always so black and so white with you?
I’ll tell you why. Because it’s black and white. 
	Everything is either just true or not true.

Mark Dow | Want
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