To Kiss the Earth

The moon sings the mountain
down to the sea
as the sun wraps itself around the horizon.

Air runs like a hand lightly across the body.
Voices pirouette like echoes
in a braid of flowing tongues.

We trace the flicker of dragonflies
skimming the water
their imprint light as ash.

We hold fruit with its sweet flesh
sac of seeds, silky membrane
fitting the palm perfectly.

And it is time to kiss the earth
and count freshly painted stars
running ocean ward.

Here where there is only stillness
my love
I wish upon you these delights

the lotus moon still blooming
as we exchange liquid looks
as dark as antique honey

time, calm and airy, and, oh,
to wake up naked in the garden
and fall in love again, easily, so easily.

Ruth Daigon | Mudlark No. 25
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