Video Killed the Radio Star

About the latest road show
Of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, for instance
The critics complained that the bombs
Were too loud, obscuring the dialogue

And the flying was not realistic.
The audience was parched until
The hint of public nudity
At the cast party. The male lead left early.

Meanwhile on television, for example
There are no longer reports of men
Wearing dresses and the owl of culture
Flies only at night, so tired

That the words repeat themselves
Like billboards on Sunset Boulevard.
Each day we don’t die we get older
And our clothing seems little more

Than floss and magic shoes. The hard shell
Of jealousies mutates, but the yolk remains pure
Even in little ladies during big wars
And old dogs cease their bark

Assuming they have nothing left to say.

R. D. Girard | Mudlark No. 21
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