The Merry-Go-Round
     There's one up in Hull and the horses are real purty. And there are little painted scenes on the machinery part and outside the beach called The End of the World is nearby. I'll go there tomorrow.

Bedroom Under the Tree
     Jesus Christ and if this could only be true. Of course it is in some ways true even now, but he raises up the windowshade too soon to examine which parts of the tree are dying. And she's trying to tell him just one single fabulous idea now and he is not listening.

Heap with Spike
     Not harp with spike, or even harpsichord. When we visited the antique musical instrument museum we were enthralled by the little collection of Chinese gongs, puffy brass lozenges with smooth raised centers. A woman told us it took six months to tune them.

Bust with Elements Taking Flight
     I do understand the taking flight part on the part of busts because mine do all the time.

Cuckoo Bazaar
     Is this a rating or a fact? Is it there I can buy my cuckoo? Is it too crazy?

     O if I could just forgive him. Or if I could forgive him it wouldn't change anything. Still the loud loud mouth and the don't don't care.

The Opening Window
     When you find one that will open by itself when it simply has a mind to you are lucky. Will it open on a clear spring day letting in the scent of Paris-blossoms, or will it open on a blizzard and will your photo of the duck get frozen? You just never know, but you're lucky.

Stroller with Trees
     The ambiguity of words when if we had a picture here it would all be clear, or at least the matter of what kind of stroller. In words to me it's the one kind first, the walking-walker kind, and the baby carriage later.

Landscape with Red Automobile with Two Half-Size Personages
     If the landscape had been red it would have all been another story: this way we are safe. The personages are only half-personages anyway, so there's nothing to fear, and anyway we would quickly escape in the blue auto.

Ground and Dog
     The perfect relationship. Dog walks, sleeps, runs, sleeps, shits, pees, rolls, and etcetera on Ground. Ground is happy, and Dog we know always was.

Pink Landscape with Five Personages
     The personages in this case only add to the landscape immensely since they are dressed in blue. Together with the pink sky and the pink bushes and the pink road there's an intense feeling of beauty, a sunset on the land.

Place for Strolling
     Today we went there and strolled contentedly and we walked off our pains and anger. And the little white herons were there and the night herons also and a wonderful kind of fat brownish duck. And the catalpa trees, needless to mention.

Banal Place
     Just forget it, don't do it the favor of recalling.

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