Pursed Lips
     One thing about you was slightly unattractive always, and one thing was not. The lips had something to do with it, but maybe not yours. All I remember is sitting on that bus driving away from you being in love, and the pure greenness of it.

The Inner Life of the Mineral
     Such pure liquids as these, such cloudlight on water. Such peace attracts cats, who lie nearby you meditating, knowing.

Wall of Plant Matter
     We cannot decide where to plant the trumpet vines because we knew where originally but then the roots we were sent in the mail took so long to sprout we thought they were dead and changed our mind about their placement and now they're living.

Personage with Cigarette
     Although unhealthy he gave us much joy. One time we saw him with his shirt off.

Personage Sticking Out Tongue
     Just a little personage, a child really. And I wondered why V was so moody and where the little lost brown cat was in the rain. I liked V's brother's wife and a little V's brother. A good feel to it.

The Automobile, Flower of Industry
     It can take us around, it is friendly, it goes too fast. I love my white car, but wish it had air conditioning. A hard white flower and her hair is never as thick as you might think. The little girl at the movies had thicker hair--her whole family did.

Looking Well
     They were an interesting looking family and C said the kid looked like a cartoon character and then later called her exquisite. Both mother and father were strange-looking but pleasing, and the older daughter interesting too.

The Ladies at the Windows
     Always at the windows and usually uncomfortable in their clothes. When they were first married they all seemed happy and everything on the up and up; now they stand at their windows.

The Shot in the Wing
     This happened to me when I was only 17, during my first year in college. I looked in the mirror one morning and there, completely unbeknownst to me, it was: the one wing dragging along like a broken arm and the other one looking as if it would soon follow.

The Illusory Site
     Probably there was no reason to think it was unreal, and yet it might have been--possibly as unreal as the sunlight's shadow on a long-driving day, or the way his voice sounded tired and shadowy, illusory perhaps I should have said.

Puppet City
     Most comforting: out from beside the fast-food stand by the lake whose name I can never remember came one of the peripheral uncles and one inebriated dad.

The Genuflection of the Bishop
     In high school we had to kiss his ring. Had he genuflected then, the score would have been settled.

Counterpoint with Tools
     You cannot play counterpoint without tools; you cannot embroider needlepoint or that wonderful-looking "blackwork" without tools; you cannot hardly do a blessed thing without tools, and I once made a tool from one-half of a pistachio shell and used it to open some others.

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