Beard of Uncertain Returns
     Now you're talking. That I can deal with. Uncertain returns that are certain at least to be returns, if uncertain. He held the egg upside-down in the air. He held the egg in its hair.

Beard Table
     She was very amusing really, and I did not mean to be mean to her, and eventually I wasn't. M says I might want to be more direct, and I am learning to define myself by learning.

The Vase of Beard
     Ah, Jean, you are never going too far. We love your candid camera; we adore your Dubuffet buffet!

The Sea of Beard
     I always loved that song: "The Sea of Heartbreak...memories of...your I were mine...again my dear...we're on a sea of fear...the sea of heartbreak."

The Lawn of Beard
     We are mowing it over and over, and we surely will mow it again. If I could just keep this in mind. If I could just not see the lawn as static.

Epidermal Jubilation
     Skin so delighted with sun, skin so cool to the touch, skin like the skin of a kitten just under its arm, and it's so inviting.

Pearl-Bearing Gravel
     Shining in the sun is one thing and causing a traffic jam is another. I suggest you hide your pearls before swine. Pearl gavel.

Somber Development
     Yes, this is common too, and it's best to just accept it. And if you make one joke you are valuable, but if you make too many you're a problem. Like a morning glory, or anything.

The Turbulent Water
     One morning we woke up and it just was there, churning in the grey light, and the herons had taken shelter and the swans schooled along. The swans must be heavy and the herons light, or else why (but I know we are just not to know), would one bird hide and one not?

Stiff-Necked and Uptight
     It's all right to be that way, but not often. If you do it often you get the effect of anger hours, and people cannot love you. It is nice to think people can love you in the anger hours, but the truth is they can't, at least not forever.

The Sea of Skin
     If sometimes people are tanning by the topiary, it becomes interesting. Some of the people nude are interesting, some not. Some beautiful, some not. One woman who was not interesting said "Everyone looks like me," but she was nude and wrong and it was not interesting.

Brown Dance
     This can be very cocoa. Walnut sometimes, sometimes hazel. What I loved about everything you did when you danced was that you'd hold me like a toothbrush but not exactly. Actually do not think the dance is brown.

The Man of No Substance
     Well clearly you simply do not take him to dinner. And sometimes you have to spend time with him and then he is gone and the world is the same. He had terrible toenails and feet that looked like porridge.

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