Hat and Breathing Spell
     Breathing is difficult and often I am told to do it. Breathing can be assisted by flower essence, or five-flower essence to be specific, and that helps, and also the yoga befriending.

Tiny Stones Scattered on the Road
     Lovely as if some dog had lapped them up. And the other day I met S, a new dog in the neighborhood, with tall lovely ears and fine wondering eyes. Black as a daisy, young, and he stepped on the cosmos but it bounced right back up.

Topography with Seven Stones
     Once I remember commenting on the particular blue and someone saying it wasn't. This led to a long line of years of recognition. Now I can spot cantankerous contrary. The cantankerous canary.

The Agoraphobic
     There should be no word for this, since it is so common. No one of us wants to go out, to go out of our bodies, at least at the last, at the last and the end. Or really very few.

Rubbish Bed at the Foot of the Wall
     Rubbish grows nicely.

Peasant Door
     Well-made, well-rounded, she was something like a peasant, but she had been in the news. She had been well accused. We were wondering, and we're sorry, we think she did it.

Shrewd Old Dotard
     All he required was a big yellow pail and he would have been happy, or so he believed. How he obtained it was not to be our business.

The Albino
     In such purity, such light. Somewhere during birth all the colors just sloughed off. Somewhere in the mother, then, the colors still remain. And another child shall have them, twice as much of them, and look as sweet as the albino.

High Points of Marriage
     You'd better just watch out because the high points are all low. What I mean is, they are high, but they do not always appear so. Like this morning; I wished you had not pulled up the shade.

The Flower Crusher
     Unforgivable at the time, and yet somehow I've forgotten. I got dressed up, even with a black short skirt, and I went to the den of the lawyer. I was left all alone with a rose until the lawyer came down.

Debonair Individual
     You were. You might still be. I have photos.

Flowers and Viscera of Earth
     The two are inextricably intertwined. S speaks of G and N as being terribly in love and I think she means this: G and N are together and speak of it kindly.

Beard Map
     Impossible to read a beard map through the hair. The map is in the beard or the beard is over the map. What is the use of it? Unless you go nowhere.

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