Nose of Apollo Butterfly
     He was perfectly attractive otherwise and there was no reason to think otherwise and there was no reason to change it. Not only was he perfect, he was godlike, and there was no reason to change it.

Cow with Red Knee
     It's true I don't like certain flowers; there's no getting around it. I used to like them more (let us not name them here), but they offended me by not admitting they'd offended me, and I do not like them.

Moonstruck Cow
     Well I would still have them in the house, I guess, but I do not like them.

The School of Botany with Flight of Butterflies
     Unfair to the moonstruck cow that the butterflies gather attention quicker. More quickly than the fired newspaperwoman who made up stories. The botanical school of marmalade. Five salamanders.

Mother-of-Pearl Garden
     Up in her jewelry box in the attic a turquoise ring, maybe aquamarine. Wouldn't ever fit me, or maybe would now. They lay in that bed for years, staring at the wooden ceiling that was just like a floor. But it's true no child was conceived there.

Tourist at a Beauty Spot
     The beauty spot just below the mouth and off to the left a little. And the left side generally more troublesome, though it is all relative. The relatives are responsible, and it's a very bad long joke.

Window Open to the Sky
     Once during a semi-hurricane all the tools left out in the rain were ruined, and rain poured in through the skylight and the two hurried off in the truck to go save something, anything, but they did not succeed.

My Cart, My Garden
     Her brother in the wagon was blue, or it was the colorized photograph, old-fashioned, old-brothered. A little blue cap, some little yellow hair. And she pulled him around and she talked to him and she heard him. He was a happy child in his hair wagon.

The Donkey at Work
     This job is too simple for this donkey, who is quite a genius. He might have what's called a good attitude now, but it won't last forever. And what do you think? He's resigning, not resigned.

Heavily Worn Roadbed, the Garden of Stones
     When they were planted, they were already old, and some of them were thirsty. And some of them were perennials, and some not. And they were not loved individually exactly, but that did not matter to them so much as you'd think.

Run Grass, Jump Pebbles
     He is saving the crystal radio project for another time. There was some discussion of bicycles, but it didn't work out. There was perhaps a flat tire, or simply a tire that needed air, but there was little discussion and littler understanding.

Farewell My Dwellings
     To have more than one dwelling is a blessing; to have more than one body is a certainty. Each and every morning the body is new--and that means yours too, my darling, my dwelling.

The Very Rich Soil
     Finally the dried-up trumpet-vine roots showed life--feathery shoots in the delightfulest green, with little brown tinges around all the edges, reddish really. And now to decide where to plant them.

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