Something to Show

I heard her youthful skin go gray. It was a brilliant afternoon that seemed to last a whole birthday. I withdrew as typically I do, sensing the comparative worth of learning hurt. Leaned back into my cocoon and thought ahead. The walls felt handmade, so the question I would pose was are they to be trusted. People allege that no one can predict timing. I'm not sure that I agree. Basic psychological indicators show on the same page. What a comprehensive offering. I noticed she invested in a lid atop her productivity, not a pleasant hat. But could not become infectious in my segment of the room. How do you not become friends easily. The duration of relationships has been the length and width. Whatever happened to the institutions we were taught to have admired. We would have not a wink of room to talk or touch. Unwanted on both sides, the treason behind fears.

Piercement, placemat, sponge, the premised reputation cast like worthwhile dice onto a decorative table of old wood

Sheila E. Murphy | Keening with an A
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