A daily low strength aspirin small and yellow keeps the heart one way. Routine the same as lust only without the need of speed bumps advertises a becoming look and feel. The takers shun the skeptics. Groups form around opinions. Think of a religion as the missing of some points. A-fling around the rosy, more important who is not included than who is. Some exclamation points convene and leave mundane things in rows that don't do many things. Undress and lie down in safe beds. Allow the mind to shuffle days into less sense in color language so desirable it will repeat until what's real shifts to what will not be. A clear coast if not one that's accessible. Consider the communication spattered and impinging. Having the objective of continuance if not of reproduction. Shoulders near another pair of shoulders. Possibly resembling a communion.

Food, shelter, clothing, and a Macintosh

Sheila E. Murphy | Champion
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