Metonymy as Such(ness)

What a featured city this becomes, with both our living amid shade trees. Owning capacity to sort crust from the softness in these words we choose. Diplomacy is evidence of partial language. Our jobs define us; pointlessly we leisure from them. Cyclical means part of itself to people who like using the word. Subtraction is just one form of arithmetic. Letting go differs from allowing. The swimming pool on three-day weekend Monday will emit a drizzle of the coconut in lotion, and the conversation will be funds-related and intemperate where sexuality's concerned. Who in the world spends any time at all performing or receiving. Conversation trembles to a brief conclusion that it might be possible to order from a catalogue and not come in under the lights and be exposed to all that personality paid to engage. A sensitivity about some missing reciprocity is all. In sum, there typically is little going on. We dub our favorite tapes, dismembering the voice from visuals. A transaction includes both pitch and catch, not simply gathering in one's arms what has fallen. Although these entities have been split into dualities. People assigned to do part of a thing must then convene, a nuisance in itself.

Stardom or career as the excuse for someone's never reproducing

Sheila E. Murphy | Incommunity
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