Fulfillment Center

A customer has circus on the brain. Beautiful brain, electrified and tantalizing brain that feeds us generously often. Go ahead and mention what you like. I'll look it up. Then waive something that most likely offers the capacity for making music. What do you call that portion of the eye one pays to have peeled off to sharpen sight glands? Out front are satisfaction surveys. Receptionists trained to hear and to absorb taunts and confusion. Guest psychologists to help you love what we will go on selling anyway. To heal what we foresee as an unnecessary emptiness by mix-and-match technology. In the middle of rank-ordered depth, to lift above this planet in a swirl of what is labeled rapture on account of certain items owned. To enter a relationship with something inanimate changes the way you think about the concept reciprocity. That one side "does the work" no longer is the issue. There are majestic ladderings to think about. Drugs to paint onto the body's scape. That likely recall some wonder of the world from an unclear though jubilant perspective. Lifts in the shoes to resurrect prior mentalities.

Tenderness afforded inventory, touch as the deciding...

Sheila E. Murphy | Securities and Exchange
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