87   His Pen Pal's Alias

Well I was roamin like a soldier     through upside town
with my poignard compagnard     just give her the slip
rollin bombed under my part-nobler macintosh     right on
Professor     I dont mean nothin officer     (your garbage-ship)

Anyways I felt kinda nappy     lowering the boom     yon gypsy
crawlers good enough for a snow drudge     I seize her
by her cop-colored copycat hair     do I     see
I dont mean no harm     you get my drift     Marie Grays

my loverstrangler     no weekend-steamin jailbird time for me
To go on puke-mulin please I says to her--what your name?
Suspect she was     pullin my knife says    --Alienavel (whee!)
Nostrowoman or somethin--     Yeah!     what kinda clam?

Claim she serve a years line-up time less one     a thief man
I tell you     mistaken i.d. No! believe me!     I just ran!

Henry Gould | Island Road 88-89
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