O go your way into his gates

My bones     yes     my bones were     in the coral
under winter water's     scandal sheet--
my herbs were stoned,     prescriptions     oral--a
textbook exhibit A,     mispoisoned, &     completely.

Diz     aster.     O kingly vassal!     Borrowed
almonds     rootless apples     blood-tombed Eric
in the clay. A     brown emotion. All     undertowed.
Palm fleeced in shade. A     gnarled mold.

O feeble-hearted...     --April--scent-benign-intensity!
Your anagram...     --the sun--the sun!
Light like...     a crooked knife is--blinding me!
& who is she?     Dark outline--in the gateway--graven

shade--     palm-leaf trowel in her hand--     a pilot?
Gardener? Who steals--delirious--     me from my plot?

Henry Gould | Island Road 86
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