84   Henry's 13th Forward Violet Recital

                       ...from age to age.

I will be sing-song sowing one thing now's
though cunning winds     don'ts augur very well
for corporate gondolas or     rust-fed plows
in a waiter's world...     & yet     one rose from hell

climbs up the podium--one pied-palm scrawl
centers yourn yon     maple syruppity     Milky Way:
aye     there was a kindly man, whose     whole
wheat handshakes     put us in the black     today.

It's raining Newport stars...     a couple--Big Bear
& Little Bear--     & one     to navigate     &
circle up     stray astral flocks--that     yet prepare
height's thronging     dogwood crown--     inaugurate

one     sober     nostos     unison of     splintered     strife
fled sea-grave     prisms grant     transhuman life.


Henry Gould | Island Road 85
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