82   Henry's Footnotes

            Everything is safe underground.
               --James Pritchard, archaeologist
                 NY Times obituary page, 1.19.97

Obit.     Essential outlines &     whitewash.
Summa of your summer's     wanton     burden,
outward walls--     & pines within     to ash.
Thy body's end     by     terms divine

High noon.     Toothpick.     Hung there
melted like wax     a multitude of the isles
were glad thereof
--buy     clerical shares
in my main book--a constitutional     disguise.

Philip Sperling, 85...     Rare Books.
Mary Bancroft...     Spy in World War II.
James Pritchard, Archaeologist...    at 87.
Luba Rostova, 80...     a Dancer.

You vault to safety,     Luba     like spring
on tightrope--or     a pseudospy (without a string).

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