Joe Ahearn

Joe Ahearn is co-editor of Rancho Loco Press, which will release Best Texas Writing 1996 in the spring of 1997. His criticism, translations, and poetry have appeared in a large number of periodicals, including The Quarterly, Five AM, Dallas Review, Sulphur River Literary Review, and others. Ahearn has been nominated for the 1996 Pushcart Prize. Poems are forthcoming in Bouillabaisse, Recursive Angel, and Sulphur River Literary Review. His work has also been collected in the limited-edition chapbook, Kyoko At Play (Harvest Publications, 1994), and is forthcoming in the anthologies, CrossConnect: Writers of the Information Age (CrossConnect, 1997) and Anti-Bible (Incarnate Muse Press, 1997). Ahearn lives in Dallas with his family, where he writes poetry, essays, and books about advanced software development. Ahearn can be reached on the Internet at

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