Outrageous Behavior

Georgia eggs remain trending unchanged
on mediums; the undertone was steady
at best. Cleveland's donor egg clinic
can not consider a married woman without
her husband's permission. Little done-up
Tammy Faye's reduced to shopping in a
discount outlet store. My therapist is
away again on vacation without me in blue
hill country. A Southside woman last night
fired directly into the abdomen of a still
unidentified man who entered in the usual
way through a window with a knife wanting
to gag, blindfold her using rags. It was
a large caliber gun. He died at 10:30
this morning. Police report no charges
will be filed. Diana appeared in public
in a skintight suit. The color was purple.
The fabric was not disclosed locally. The
first tropical depression of the season
seems in no hurry to move. The heart
of the descending heat pool grows, but lacks
hunger, momentum of its own.

Frances Driscoll
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