The Beginning of a Frog's Chorus

    stars of fireflies
    In a cotton shirt pocket
a warm spring night   hazy
    with tree frogs   coaxing each other
by frog-brain   in sticky-tongued air-sacs
    awakened for singing
mating's open mouths
catch one after another   small stars

In a meeting of platitudes
know where the satyrs have gone
    before meaning
    meaning what they said
The goat-footed men who loved
the mad women who knew
    but through wine and raw meat

When focusing
the sky as a robin's egg
a sleeping god's face is outrageous
    in shrinking words

There was   The House of Atreus
    right off the road
and we went in
    to have two or three beers
until someone sang out
    I've eaten
    two or three sons   in my life
    and I intend to eat a few more
    Maybe even serve some
The fight began
Some people are never satisfied
to be thrown out   in the night

Don't shake your head
When Venus is denied
    she rattles the back stairs
smashing your face   on each step

Much like the rocks
    of the rock and roll solo
One instrument is as good as another
    to push around
for the rest of your unfinished business   However
    be careful
Love can roll backwards   crushing your skull

During a storm
Frogs can sing   simply
    for the joy of water

a plague of barking dogs   kissing air
    begging honeyed bread
    the pastry of hell
    heaven hasn't the ingredients for
The frogs
shut their mouths at the closeness of fear
    The strongest urge
moves one harmonica in the wind
It goes off   alone
    to cry in song
Remember me, remember me
Find communion in eating my tired stars

David Swoyer
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