Beer as Religious Art

Standing here I am a fountain
signing the lawn with my fountain pen
I am a fountain because of beer
standing by the hedge
    Busch unto bush

Beer has a will to make us all fountains
a dream of wet parks
A god turning men into dogs
     letting piss fall
     letting lying dogs

Yet I am different from the park statues
I don't piss from my eyes or toes
    (though I may piss to my toes)
I could not  will not  piss all day
Marble-filled heads confuse plumbing and fixtures
Beer knows them distinctly
    the shortest distances

And a kindly god
    even if you don't make it
    even if your zipper sticks
    even if you soak your pants
    Don't worry
Beer doesn't stain
You could be soaked with rain
    (Is rain the urine of angels?
    Remember that when you run in the rain
    Close your mouth!)

But watch   for the cops
The fullness of beer is beyond them
They would have you burst or drown

Now   Oh Lord   this emptiness is wonderful
Without ballast I could float away
The eagle has flown   the stars are out
If you can't find me in the morning
search the skies
I am empty and complete

David Swoyer
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